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What are you afraid of?

We’re all afraid of something. Yet how can we prevent our fears from controlling our decisions and holding us back from our full potential? In today’s blog, we’ll share the experiences of one of our users who worked through her fears to finally live the life she always wanted.


Is Your Fear of Failure Holding You Back?

No matter which path we choose to pursue, we will all, at some level, be afraid of not achieving the goals we set for ourselves. However, an important question to ask ourselves is: Is the fear of failing holding us back from achieving the things we want in life?


Living A Well-Integrated Spiritual Life In The Modern World

Through looking after the body like an athlete, programming the personality for success and developing a meditation practice to connect to the light everyday then you can integrate your spirituality into normal everyday modern life.


Dealing with Loneliness

Despite an ever-increasing number of ways to connect with other people, research is finding that more and more people feel lonely. So how can we cope with our loneliness? In today’s post, we’ll walk through some approaches to help you overcome feelings of loneliness.


How to develop spiritual intimacy in a sexual relationship

Deep intimacy is something we nearly all crave in our sexual relationships. Here we explore how we can develop this spiritual intimacy in our sexual relationships using meditation and other practical techniques.


When the world is making us ill

How much do your relationships and environment have an impact on your mental and physical health? In today’s post, we’ll uncover exactly how the world around us can negatively impact our health and what we can do about it.


The Transformative Power of Pause: Living with Appreciation of our Moments

Perpetual busy-ness has become the new normal and checking off each responsibility on our “to-do” list, one at a time, a gauge of success. But what we don’t often see, while we’re on this wild ride of productivity, is just how much life quality we’re sacrificing…


How to develop compassion for others and accept them exactly where they are

Compassion is a quality that meditation and spiritually inclined people want to cultivate. In this article we explore how we can develop more compassion for others, so we can truly accept the present moment and how people truly are.


My life has been turned upside down | How do I handle it?

In today’s article, we’ll look at the most appropriate attitude to carry during periods of chaos and, also, how to develop our ability to face change throughout our life.