Live Mindfully


6 Tips for Moving to a New Location

We all go through changes in our lives, small or big. But how do we deal with things when everything changes?


How to Overcome Addiction to Success and Stress

Are you addicted to success? It’s hard to know nowadays as it seems all of us have life goals and dreams that are easy to confuse for self-imposed requirements to achieving happiness. In today’s article, we’ll take a deeper look on what it means to us personally to succeed and how that may impact our daily level of stress.


How to have a healthy lifestyle and balance your routine

With the million things we have to do every day, how can we still stay healthy and find the time to meditate?


Hygge: The Danish practice of comforting the soul during winter

As we focus on staying positive during overcast winter weather, who better to learn from if not from the happiest people on earth, who coincidentally also have some of the worst weather in the world? There’s a lot we can learn and incorporate from the Danish and their practice of “hygge.


Rediscovering Sleep

If you’re like me or most people, you have probably experienced difficulty sleeping. You may not experience problems all the


How to overcome your fear of confrontation

Confrontation is one of our biggest fears! But it doesn’t have to be anymore. Here, we’ll talk about how we can get more comfortable with having uncomfortable confrontations.


Embracing Nature for Winter Well-being

Here are some tips for staying connected to nature in winter to ensure your well-being.


Toxic Perfectionism: We’re Killing Ourselves

In this article, we’ll define what exactly a perfectionist is and how we can help ourselves overcome our perfectionist tendencies.


Am I in a healthy relationship?

What signs should I look for to determine whether my romantic relationship is healthy or whether I should worry about it? In this article we will go over the elements that are necessary for a healthy relationship based on respect and reciprocity. Love is, of course, one of the essential ingredients necessary for a blossoming relationship, but it is not the only one to take into account when deciding whether we should stay in the relationship with our partner.