Live Mindfully

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What is Self-compassion and Why Do We Need It?

Do you notice how you talk to yourself during the day? What are your judgments, assumptions and expectations of yourself telling you? When something goes wrong, we often judge ourselves harshly and make critical comments to ourselves. Check out this article to understand the root of this harsh attitude and discover the healing power of self-compassion in “making peace with yourself”.


You Don’t Have to Feel Good All of the Time

Stress, anxiety and sadness are natural parts of our lives–as much as happiness, peace or joy. You can make peace with yourself by approaching all your emotions with mindfulness. In today’s special article to mark Mental Health Day, you’ll find helpful tips to make it easier to show yourself compassion during difficult times.


5 Areas of Your Life That You Can Improve with Mindfulness

Are you interested in integrating mindfulness into your life? Discover 5 areas of your life that you can improve using easy mindfulness techniques.


How to Use Mindfulness in Your Daily Life

In today’s world, living mindfully is not a luxury but a necessity! Our fast-paced lives have us under constant stress, so much so that we don’t even notice it anymore. Living mindfully is much more than some trendy concept; it’s a way of living that allows us to find balance in our lives.


How to Eat Mindfully

Do you find it hard to find or maintain a diet that works for you? It’s normal for our eating habits to vary over time. In this article, you will find tips to help you examine your relationship with food with greater awareness.


6 Tips for Moving to a New Location

We all go through changes in our lives, small or big. But how do we deal with things when everything changes?


How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle and Balance Your Routine

With the millions of things we have to do every day, how can we stay motivated about maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Here are some tips for creating a balanced daily routine.


Hygge: The Danish Practice of Comforting the Soul During Winter

As we focus on staying positive during overcast winter weather, who better to learn from if not from the happiest people on earth, who coincidentally also have some of the worst weather in the world? There’s a lot we can learn and incorporate from the Danish and their practice of hygge.


Rediscovering Sleep

If you’re like me or most people, you have probably experienced difficulty sleeping. You may not experience problems all the