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Toxic Perfectionism: We’re Killing Ourselves

In this article, we’ll define what exactly a perfectionist is and how we can help ourselves overcome our perfectionist tendencies.


Am I in a healthy relationship?

What signs should I look for to determine whether my romantic relationship is healthy or whether I should worry about it? In this article we will go over the elements that are necessary for a healthy relationship based on respect and reciprocity. Love is, of course, one of the essential ingredients necessary for a blossoming relationship, but it is not the only one to take into account when deciding whether we should stay in the relationship with our partner.


Three Top Tips To Have An Enjoyable Christmas Holidays With No Stress

Christmas is stressful. This seems to be an accepted fact. But does it have to be this way? On one


Living A Well-Integrated Spiritual Life In The Modern World

Through looking after the body like an athlete, programming the personality for success and developing a meditation practice to connect to the light everyday then you can integrate your spirituality into normal everyday modern life.


Ayurvedic Tips for Balanced Travel

Have you ever felt like you needed another ‘real’ vacation after your vacation? In today’s post, we’ll cover ways to stay in harmony with your body and mind while making the most out of your holiday so you don’t come home completely exhausted.


The mindful art of doing nothing (while living a busy life in the city)

How could doing nothing be a thing? And how is it possible to do nothing while living in a city and leading a busy life? In today’s article, we’ll discuss the ancient art of doing nothing and its benefits to your mental and physical well-being.


The Transformative Power of Pause: Living with Appreciation of our Moments

Perpetual busy-ness has become the new normal and checking off each responsibility on our “to-do” list, one at a time, a gauge of success. But what we don’t often see, while we’re on this wild ride of productivity, is just how much life quality we’re sacrificing…


Blue Light at Bedtime: How Smartphones Might Be Causing Your Insomnia

Look away from the light! That is, if you want to finally get a good night’s sleep. Learn how blue light can negatively impact your sleeping patterns and practical changes you can make starting today.


Understand Your Chronotype & Sleep Better

Are you someone who loves waking early or do you like to sleep in? Are you a night owl or a morning person? These all depend on your chronotype; so in today’s post, we’ll determine exactly what our chronotype is to help you start getting better quality sleep.