When you can’t meditate

There is no such thing as “can’t practice”. Awareness exercises are personal and unique experiences. No one is better than the other and there is no right and wrong.

While meditating, the fundamental aim is not get lost among thoughts. At the beginning, this might be difficult to experience but the more you practice, the more you follow the directions, you’ll see that the more you can be present at the moment.

Also you’ll be able to focus on your breath, your body more and you’ll feel and sense yourself more. By putting yourself away from daily worries, you create a calm and anxiety-free space.

So, that’s why, first start sparing 10 minutes every day for yourself. Take a couple deep breaths in and breathe out slowly. Then start relaxing yourself together with the joy of being present at the moment and start meditating, observing the flow of the thoughts, focusing on your breaths and your body. Maybe during your initial trials, this will happen for shorter durations but the duration will get longer day by day together with your practices.

Shouldn’t I have no thoughts during meditation?

No, meditation is actually a mindfulness exercise. It is almost impossible to have no thoughts during meditation and what really matters is just to notice these thoughts and by noticing them, to get to know yourself but also not to get caught up on them and just to remain witness to them. Thoughts are always in our minds, and this is very normal. Instead of try to get rid of them, the initial aim should be to notice their existence but not jump into that pool of thought and get lost among them to travel to different worlds and universes. During meditation there might be times that you jump onto a thought and let it take you somewhere else mentally, this is very expected. Whenever you notice this happening, you can bring yourself back to the present moment by just saying to yourself “Stop, you got lost again!”

So, I Shouldn’t Plan fort he Future?

Awareness meditation means a gap of awareness that you give to yourself. The more you learn the awareness exercises and the more you practice them better in your daily life, the more awareness you’ll have regarding yourself and your environment day by day.

Human beings developed and improved themselves by planning the future, by learning from the past and reconsidering the future. And it will go on like that. We all have priorities and these priorities make us human. Work, family, health, money career and so on… Of course we need to consider our priorities but we shouldn’t get lost among them. Because, as we get lost among them more and more, we take ourselves away from the present moment more and more. And also we miss the moment, which is the actual activity and movement area for us. Besides, when we can’t observe these thoughts in a calm manner without any judgement, we can’t see the correct meanings beneath them and we just get lost among them.

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