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2020 as the Watershed Moment for Mindfulness

One of the major changes that the Covid-19 pandemic brought was working from home. How has practicing Mindfulness played a role in this new way of working ? Find out in this article.

Our Relationship with Food

Our Relationship with Food

Your relationship with food is closely related to your relationship with your body. When this relationship is disrupted, you may start looking for new solutions as your body’s balance is thrown off as well. Although your critical inner voice causes you to have some negative thought patterns, you can get rid of these thoughts by making peace with food and having awareness about your body. In this article, you can learn more about all of these and can learn to enjoy your food more!

Meditation for students

Mindful Habits for Students

Mindfulness practices offer techniques that can help us in our academic life as well as in many areas of our lives. In this article, you can take a closer look at these techniques and find information about how they can contribute to your student life.

Five Successful Leaders Who Swear By Meditation

When they say that there are many benefits to practicing meditation, it’s not just make-believe! In this article, discover five famous business leaders who have made meditation an integral part of their success.

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Benefits of Mindfulness in Work Life

Sometimes we may feel so overwhelmed by our jobs that we can’t imagine doing this again and again each day. Or sometimes we’re dealing with intense work or really stressful periods. In those times, we can manage our stress by staying in the present moment and observing our emotions. In this article, you’ll find the benefits of mindfulness in managing your stress and its effects on your business life.

Mindful Contact with Nature

Spending time in nature can not only provide instant relief from our sorrows but it can also help us find new meaning in life. Discover the benefits of spending time in nature, focusing on mindfulness practices from meditation to creative expression.

The Best Mental Health Podcasts

You can listen to podcasts while walking, cooking at home, driving, and more. Here, we have compiled the best podcasts about Mindfulness & Mental Health for you.

Improving Our Relationship With Stress

Has stress become a part of your daily life? We can get stressed out about many things during the day such as busy schedules, traffic, future anxiety, family, friends, and romantic relationships, etc. Here, you can find what you can do to make stress work for you and improve your relationship with stress. You can discover how stress affects your life and strategies for how to manage it.

5 Mindfulness Activity Ideas to Enjoy With Your Family

What better way to have fun with your loved ones than to offer mindfulness activities that are both enjoyable and focused on being present in the moment? In this article, you’ll find five ideas for mindfulness activities that you can do with family and friends to have a great time that you’ll remember long after!