Living A Well-Integrated Spiritual Life In The Modern World

 Has spirituality changed in the last few decades?

On one hand the search for truth remains the same, but on the other there has been a big transition in the last decade to focusing on finding spirituality within the context of a normal modern life rather than through psychedelics, gurus in faraway lands or a hippie lifestyle. Spirituality is about integration in the modern world now. And with it comes difficult relationship challenges to navigate, huge amounts of money to be made and worldly dreams to be fulfilled.

Contrary to popular perception in some spiritual circles the deepest levels of spirituality are often found right in the heart of modern life, in all your relationship issues, career challenges and pain from the past. You need modern life for your spiritual path now.

What are the three key attributes to embodying a real authentic spiritual path in the modern world? 

Firstly look after the body like an athlete. You need a strong healthy body to give you the foundation to be a big success in your life and go through the many internal spiritual processes that take a lot of inner energy to process. Exercise everyday. Particularly focus on walking in nature and ancient arts such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Qi-Gong with supporting visits to the gym if you want to build more muscle and playing sport, hiking or other physical activities if you enjoy it. Also value your food. Eat food you love, eat whole foods that your body loves and eat a well balanced diet that gives you all the right fuel to keep your body in optimal condition. Your body is the home of your spiritual temple now.    

Secondly program your personality for success. On one hand yes the deepest aspects of the spiritual path are going beyond the confines of the personality self, but to start with you need to program the personality to be a big success in the modern world so you can radiate the light to others who also find themselves here. What are essential personality attributes on the spiritual path? Perseverance, discipline, surrender, consistency and a genuine love for life need to be infused into the personality and practiced everyday.

A commitment to something deep in your heart (feel into what you love and what your dreams are) gives perseverance even when things are challenging, a spiritual practice each day gives discipline and consistency, a willingness to ask a higher power for help infuses surrender and a love for life is infused from following your deepest passions and what makes your heart open to love. Also remember to love your pre-programmed personality, especially the challenging shadow aspects. Often our greatest gifts in our personality field are where are greatest challenges are and the shadow aspects need to be worked on so the best aspects of our personality can truly shine through.

Thirdly learn to love the light. The light is everywhere. On the spiritual path once we have learnt to deeply look after the body like an athlete and programmed the personality for success, the next step is to learn to connect to spiritual light everyday to further help us awaken and open our heart to more love. What exactly is spiritual light? It’s not the easiest thing to describe you if have not experienced it, but essentially it is a universal love we can all tap into and then radiate to others through our personality vessel. This is what we want to share with others in the modern world. The exact form really doesn’t matter that much- just make it something you love and that aligns with the gifts of your personality.

How do we connect to the light on a daily basis?

The best practice is meditation. Something you already are likely to be doing if you are reading this, so you already have an incredible head-start on most people!! Now you align your meditation slightly. You are still very welcome to have a worldly aim for it (such as reducing stress/ improving work performance/ helping with anxiety) but also before you start ask to connect to the light from the deepest aspect of your heart. Perhaps nothing will happen the first time or for a few weeks. You may start questioning it with your mind. Yet I can assure you if that you maintain a heart-felt desire to connect to the light everyday through your meditation practice, then your subtle sensitivity and openness to the light will start to improve to the extent that you can start to really feel it.

A well-integrated spiritual life in the modern world is not just another spiritual ideal to live up too, but the essential ingredient for what a real modern spiritual path looks like now. I have shared a very simple way to get there. Through looking after the body like an athlete, programming the personality for success and connecting to the light everyday through meditation you can be assured of success. Yet you will have to be patient. True integration is a life-long journey with many ups and downs, yet through dedicated practice, heart-felt desire for the light and a sense of humour at the challenges of normal life you will get there. Then you truly understand everything is spiritual and integrated because it is all made up of the same light.



Jay-Jay Masters

Spiritual Teacher

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