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Visualization exercise: 3-minute Visualization to Reduce Anxiety

Looking for a free 3-minute visualization exercise? Read our guide, experience a visualization meditation and understand its power.


The Therapeutic Benefits of Creating: Relieving Anxiety Through Art

Thinking about relieving anxiety through art? Read our post about the benefits of creating and improve your life with mindfulness.

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What Is Social Anxiety And How Do We Manage It?

Do you experience excessive worrying in social settings? Maybe you find yourself running through all of the potential negative scenarios in your mind, feeling tense? A common misconception is that you’re shy when in reality you may have social anxiety. In this article, you can learn about the dynamics of social anxiety and find out what you can do to navigate it.


Anxiety and the Re-Opening Process

In this period of transition that we are going through, explore how you can approach change and the emotions that come with it with mindfulness.

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A 10-Step Plan for Navigating Change with Your Employees

Read our 10-step plan to help your team develop the proper coping mechanisms to deal with change at work.


5 Ways to Support Mental Health of Remote Employees

The mental health challenges when working from home are different to the ones in a physical office. In this blog, you will learn to identify the signs of stress in a remote environment, and discover 5 strategies to support your remote team’s mental health.


20 Employee Incentive Program Ideas in 2024

Discover innovative employee incentive programs tailored to elevate productivity and retention. Ideal for HR managers seeking dynamic strategies to engage and reward their teams, enhancing workplace motivation and satisfaction.


Understanding the UK law to support Employee Mental at Workplace

Explore key insights tailored for HR professionals and people managers. From understanding duty of care to navigating the mental health at work act, empower yourself with essential knowledge to foster a supportive workplace environment.


Should Employers Offer Mental Health Days to Employees?

Are you curious about the benefits of mental health days for work? Take a look at our blog and discover the pros and cons of these policies, examples of companies that already implement them, and more!