Live Mindfully

Expressing Emotions Through Art

Meditopia and Pera Museum have recently collaborated to offer a unique digital experience. Bringing together the power of art and awareness, visitors are taken on a three-dimensional tour of the “Istanbul Panorama,” a painting by Antoine de Favray in the 18th century, while listening to meditation music. 

How To Start Therapy: A Guide for Getting Help

Therapy is a process that can improve your mental health by helping you cope with a broad range of situations. There are different types of therapy, so it’s important to do some research to find one that best suits your needs.

10 Facts that You Can Learn from Meditopia’s Sleep Stories

Here there are facts from 10 most popular sleeping stories of Meditopia. Let’s explore the world of bedtime stories together.

15 Monday Motivation Quotes To Start The Week

Mondays mark the new beginnings. We’re more willing to commit to positive changes in our live on mondays. So, we have that motivation to treat ourselves caringly. Here’re 15 quotes that will boost your motivation even further and transform the way you approach life throughout the week.

Gratitude Checklist For A Mindful Day

Gratitude is the state of looking at a particular situation -or life in general- from a place of appreciation and contentment. It’s not just an emotion. It’s a skill that we can all quickly develop. In this article, we share a gratitude checklist that will help you get into the habit of cultivating appreciation easily.

This is the year to…

2023 is around the corner. As we leave a year behind, we begin to make new resolutions for the upcomin year. Here are some resolutions that you can take a step towards in the new year…

How to Turn Daily Activities into Mindfulness Exercises 

It’s a great practice to turn daily activities into mindfulness practices and be able to savor the simple joys of ordinary activities. To do so, we don’t need to have extraordinary experiences. On the contrary, our life often gets more meaningful and enjoyable as we cherish these small, ordinary moments.

Breathing While…

Do you notice how you’re breathing throughout the day? How about when you’re exercising or when you’re tired? We’ve gathered some useful tips to help you get more connected with your breath in different contexts!

Mindfulness for Dealing with Exam Stress

Exams are a part of our lives and so is exam stress. How does exam stress affect our lives and how can we manage it? Since it’s impossible to eliminate stress completely, we need to accept its existence. In this article, you’ll find some tips that will help you manage stress through mindfulness exercises!