Live Mindfully


How to Turn Daily Activities into Mindfulness Exercises 

It’s a great practice to turn daily activities into mindfulness practices and be able to savor the simple joys of ordinary activities. To do so, we don’t need to have extraordinary experiences. On the contrary, our life often gets more meaningful and enjoyable as we cherish these small, ordinary moments.


Breathing While…

Do you notice how you’re breathing throughout the day? How about when you’re exercising or when you’re tired? We’ve gathered some useful tips to help you get more connected with your breath in different contexts!


Mindfulness for Dealing with Exam Stress

Exams are a part of our lives and so is exam stress. How does exam stress affect our lives and how can we manage it? Since it’s impossible to eliminate stress completely, we need to accept its existence. In this article, you’ll find some tips that will help you manage stress through mindfulness exercises!


Stress, Mindfulness, & Sleep

How many of us really sleep well, waking up rested and recharged in the morning? So, what can we do to improve our sleep and how can mindfulness-based practices help? Let’s dive in together.


The Benefits of Mindfulness for Children

We can help children maintain, develop, and deepen their open attitudes through mindfulness exercises. From this article, you can learn what you can do for this and the importance and benefits of mindfulness!


Meditation and Mindfulness for Children

While our minds are more prone to learning when we’re young, it becomes harder to change, learn, and acquire new habits as we grow up. Therefore, it can be easier and longer-lasting to begin learning and listening to ourselves through mindfulness as a child rather than in adulthood.


Improve your quality of life: What can we do for a better night’s sleep?

It’s possible to improve the quality of your life with a good sleep. In this article, you’ll find some tips to improve your sleep quality while learning about sleep and sleeplessness!


Sleep’s Powerful Impact on Body & Mind

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. In other words, sleeping is just as vital as eating, drinking water, and breathing. Discover the importance of sleep, its effects on our body, and learn 6 simple methods you can apply to get better sleep overall. With small changes, you’ll not only improve your sleep but also your quality of life. Have a good sleep in advance!


Mindful Parenting and Trust

Parenthood is like an open invitation for our child to accompany us on our inner journey. While our children fill us with a love beyond our dreams, they may also reveal unaddressed, latent feelings of anger, impatience, and intolerance. While experiencing these feelings may be uncomfortable, they can also provide potential opportunities for growth and deeper connection to our bodies.