The Mindfulness Starter Pack For Employees

Meditopia is one of the fastest-growing, most localized mindfulness apps. You’ve heard all the rage about the transformative properties of practicing mindfulness and you’re ready to dig in, going as far as offering mindfulness resources in your company benefits packages for all employees. Here, you can learn more about meditations from Meditopia for beginners and companies.


Combatting Burnout in the Workplace

Managing toxic workplace experiences can be hard for employees, which may result in burnout. In May of 2019, the World Health Organization released a statement classifying burnout as “an occupational phenomenon,” and defined it as, “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” Here, you’ll find strategies for navigating burnout.


The Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace

So much has changed about the landscape of the workplace in this past year. For some of us, that means we’re working from home and for others, it may mean that your physical work environment has drastically shifted. Investing in mindfulness and meditation in the workplace has a lot of benefits. Here, you can learn more about this in terms of mental health and wellness.

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Self-Confidence: Discover the power of believing in yourself

Self-confidence is a concept that greatly affects our daily lives. As our self-confidence increases, we tend to perform better at work, experience more fulfilling relationships, and we don’t hesitate to seek out and explore new experiences.


4 Tips for Leaders/4 Tips for Better Leadership

There are various tips and strategies for the leaders to help them lead in a better way. Here, you can learn more about these in detail!


Fostering a Connected Workplace Environment in the Virtual World/Connection & Community in the Remote Workplace

Working remotely has been an inevitable part of our lives. Here, you can learn how to create a sense of connection between employees at the workplace!


What Are You Thankful for Today?

What comes to your mind when you think about gratitude? How often do you experience this feeling in your life? Here you can discover what gratitude means for you.


When Meditation Challenges You: Why are you struggling & what can you do?

While meditating, thoughts may cross your mind and you can be distracted, bored, or unable to focus due to intense emotions. In this article, you’ll find the tips you need to navigate challenges you face while meditating.


Exploring Meditation Terms

We use a particular kind of language in meditation practices. That’s why some concepts you come across may sound confusing. This article will guide you through some meditations terms to help you deepen your understanding. Let’s dive in!