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Improving Our Relationship With Stress

Has stress become a part of your daily life? We can get stressed out about many things during the day such as busy schedules, traffic, future anxiety, family, friends, and romantic relationships, etc. Here, you can find what you can do to make stress work for you and improve your relationship with stress. You can discover how stress affects your life and strategies for how to manage it.

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Relaxing Breathing Techniques

Everybody knows that relaxation has something to do with breathing. What is this magical relationship between the two? You don’t have to be a master to learn proper breathing and relaxation techniques. We explain the anatomy behind them and teach you how to relax in detail in this article. You will be surprised by how easily applicable these techniques are in your daily life!

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Processing Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year can be an opportunity to make new decisions, set new goals, and make changes in your life. Sometimes at the beginning of the year, you may feel enthusiastic, hopeful, and determined to implement your new resolutions. You may also realize that it is difficult to stick to them. Here, you can find what you can do to process your New Year’s goals!

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5 Mindfulness Activity Ideas to Enjoy With Your Family

What better way to have fun with your loved ones than to offer mindfulness activities that are both enjoyable and focused on being present in the moment? In this article, you’ll find five ideas for mindfulness activities that you can do with family and friends to have a great time that you’ll remember long after!


The Upcoming New Year: Hope, Flexibility, Humor, and Compassion

A new year is coming. This past year may have been difficult. Perhaps you experienced anxiety or fear. As we move into the new year, we can center our dreams for the future and determine what is worth holding onto and what no longer serves us. Here are some strategies for how to approach this new year with compassion and hope.


Give the Gift of Mindfulness this Christmas

Christmas can be a great time of year to clear things out and let new energies into your life. Discover gift ideas for your loved ones that center mindfulness for this Christmas season. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that will bring you closer to your loved ones and create space for mindfulness and joy.

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Feeling Worthless

How much do you prioritize your own needs in daily life? Most of us unwittingly ignore or delay our needs every single day. In the long run, this state of denial can damage our self-worth by causing us to feel tired, or even burned out. Examining what underlies your tendency to put your own needs in the background is one of the greatest kindnesses you can show yourself.

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How to Nourish Your Romantic Relationships During the Pandemic

The pandemic has led to many changes in our lives. While trying to adapt to a new order, many of us have struggled with redefining our relationships. You may be experiencing difficulties adapting both yourself and your relationship to the new normal. Here, you can learn more about the possible effect of the pandemic on your relationships, and what you can do about it.

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Cooking Mindfully: Why and how should you try it?

Here are some tips on mindful cooking for both people who live to cook and those who just cook to live. So, let’s find out what happens when you make conscious choices about your food, and cook mindfully!