Expressing Emotions Through Art

Meditopia and Pera Museum have recently collaborated to offer a unique digital experience. Bringing together the power of art and awareness, visitors are taken on a three-dimensional tour of the “Istanbul Panorama,” a painting by Antoine de Favray in the 18th century, while listening to meditation music. 


Mind-Body Connection to Relax During the Day

Most of the time during a fast-paced or intense day–sometimes from the moment we wake up until we lay our head on our pillow at night–we are in “doing-mode”.  As we make plans on the one hand, we get going with things we already planned on the other.


Learn to Appreciate Yourself

Most of the time, we remember to congratulate other people’s accomplishments, to appreciate their actions and to celebrate the beauty we see in them. But how do we treat ourselves? Do we show ourselves the same care, love, and compassion that we show to the people around us?


Listen… Your Needs Are Talking to You

What comes to mind when you think about your needs? How much do we know about our vital needs? To what extent do we take them into account? 


Effective Ways to Build a Strong Work Community

Struggling with high employee turnover and low employee morale? Change it with these tips to build a strong and positive work community. No matter your industry. Let explore these tips.


Deliver Bad News with Empathy and Professionalism

Telling someone bad news is not easy for all of us at work. Let’s see if there is a way to be more resistant to these consequences.


How To Start Therapy: A Guide for Getting Help

Therapy is a process that can improve your mental health by helping you cope with a broad range of situations. There are different types of therapy, so it’s important to do some research to find one that best suits your needs.

sleep story

10 Facts that You Can Learn from Meditopia’s Sleep Stories

Here there are facts from 10 most popular sleeping stories of Meditopia. Let’s explore the world of bedtime stories together.

Inspirational quotes

15 Monday Motivation Quotes To Start The Week

Mondays mark the new beginnings. We’re more willing to commit to positive changes in our live on mondays. So, we have that motivation to treat ourselves caringly. Here’re 15 quotes that will boost your motivation even further and transform the way you approach life throughout the week.