Learn Meditation


When Meditation Challenges You: Why are you struggling & what can you do?

While meditating, thoughts may cross your mind and you can be distracted, bored, or unable to focus due to intense emotions. In this article, you’ll find the tips you need to navigate challenges you face while meditating.


Exploring Meditation Terms

We use a particular kind of language in meditation practices. That’s why some concepts you come across may sound confusing. This article will guide you through some meditations terms to help you deepen your understanding. Let’s dive in!


Meditation Types

“Why should I start meditating?” or, “Everyone around me talks about different kinds of meditations, which one’s best for me?” If you’re asking yourself questions like these, this article may help you find the answers you’re looking for.


Getting the Hang of Meditating

In order to benefit from the positive effects of meditation, it’s more about frequency than length of time spent meditating. In this article, we’ve got some helpful tips for how you can turn meditation into a habit and an established pattern of behavior!


Meditation, Music & Sleep

Music is a big part of our lives. Have you ever considered that it can help you for sleeping and meditating as well? Discover the power of sounds for sleeping and meditation with us ! We explained various ways of using music and sounds in your meditation practice!


The Relationship Between Meditation & Yoga

What’s the relationship between Meditation and Yoga? How are they similar and how are they different? Because these concepts are quite abstract, the topic may seem a bit confusing initially. Let’s dive into some questions you may have to clarify!


Meditation and Mindfulness for Children

While our minds are more prone to learning when we’re young, it becomes harder to change, learn, and acquire new habits as we grow up. Therefore, it can be easier and longer-lasting to begin learning and listening to ourselves through mindfulness as a child rather than in adulthood.


Discover Diaphragmatic Breathing!

Do you keep hearing the words “diaphragmatic breathing”? In this article, we’ll explain all the details about how this breathing technique works and how you can use it to combat stress, difficulty sleeping, or symptoms of anxiety.


Can You Be Addicted to Meditation?

As meditation and mindfulness become even more popular these days, it’s been suggested as a way to enhance almost anything from performance, to attention, stress management, and sleep. There’s a significant amount of scientific evidence that shows the benefit of meditation, but is it possible that meditation could be harmful or addictive?