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Pranayama Explained

Have you ever heard of the words “Pranayama” or “Prana”? Besides its countless benefits, Pranayama, also helps to regulate our body and mind through controlled breathing techniques as well. Discover three of those techniques in this article.

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Energy Boosting Breathing Exercises

Breathing techniques are tools used to regulate and increase our life force energy Discover energy boosting breathing techniques that are easily applicable for all! Here you can find information about Crocodile Breath, Lion’s Breath, Kapalabhati,Bhastrika and more! Lets start with preparing your stomach..

Relaxing Breathing Techniques

Everybody knows that relaxation has something to do with breathing. What is this magical relationship between the two? You don’t have to be a master to learn proper breathing and relaxation techniques. We explain the anatomy behind them and teach you how to relax in detail in this article. You will be surprised by how easily applicable these techniques are in your daily life!

How Your Meditation Practice Can Benefit From Healing Music

Understand how your meditation practice can benefit from healing music, and discover how to start using background music to enhance your experience.

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Expressing Our Emotions During Meditation

Is it normal to experience sudden sensations during meditation? Can you experience physical reactions to your feelings? What should you do when these feelings arise? In this article, you will explore how emotions relate to thoughts and how this relationship takes shape as we get to know our minds better.

5 Tips to Make Meditation Part of Your Daily Routine

In order for meditation to have a real impact on your life, you need to develop a consistent practice. Here are five tips to help you make meditation part of your routine and a source of joy in your daily life!

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7 Steps to Meditating Anywhere

One of the best things about meditation is that you can practice it anywhere, anytime, whenever you need or want to. In this article, you will find 7 steps to help you start meditating anywhere!

14 Facts About the History of Meditation

Discover the roots of meditation, stretching from Ancient India, China, and Burma, to its more recent impact on the Western world. Learn more about the origins of common meditative practices.

What is Meditation and What is not?

What do you think when someone mentions ‘meditation’? Sitting cross-legged in total silence? Get ready to set aside your preconceptions about meditation, because this article is guaranteed to change your perspective!