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Overcoming Communication Barriers

Communicating openly, sincerely, and directly is important for understanding each other in your relationship with your partner. Under some circumstances, you may not be able to maintain this healthy communication. You can check out this article to learn resources to support you in such situations!


Sharing Our Emotions

Being able to express your feelings is important for a healthy relationship. It’s up to you to name, accept and share how you feel! In this article, you can learn to share all your emotions with ease.


What’s in Our Relationship Space?

Romantic relationships interact with everything around you. When you look at your relationship as a space, can you notice these interactions and see what exists in your relationship space? In this article, you can look at its development process, its structure and what it holds within it in detail!

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Supportive Resources in Our Relationships

There are different supportive resources in your romantic relationships. Being aware of these is important for maintaining the healthy relationship. In this article, you can find more about these resources!


Feeling Secure in Our Relationships

Do you feel secure in your relationship? A relationship that we are happy and confident to be in nourishes our physical, emotional and mental well-being. In this article, you can learn how to feel secure in the relationship and what you can do to keep the relationship healthy!

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Finding Deeper Connection in Your Relationship

Communication with your partner in a romantic relationship is important for strengthening the relationship. Here you can find the destructive behaviors in relationships and what you can do to be playmates in the relationship.


What Is Social Anxiety And How Do We Manage It?

Do you experience excessive worrying in social settings? Maybe you find yourself running through all of the potential negative scenarios in your mind, feeling tense? A common misconception is that you’re shy when in reality you may have social anxiety. In this article, you can learn about the dynamics of social anxiety and find out what you can do to navigate it.

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Hugs: A Natural Painkiller!

Did you know that hugging your loved ones creates a hormonal response? It’s true! Hugging has the power to reduce physical pain and lessen some feelings of depression. Find out how this is possible in this article!

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Processing Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year can be an opportunity to make new decisions, set new goals, and make changes in your life. Sometimes at the beginning of the year, you may feel enthusiastic, hopeful, and determined to implement your new resolutions. You may also realize that it is difficult to stick to them. Here, you can find what you can do to process your New Year’s goals!