What Are You Thankful for Today?

What comes to your mind when you think about gratitude? How often do you experience this feeling in your life? 

Life has its different seasons, different ups and downs. Positive and negative things can happen simultaneously. There are negative aspects to positive experiences and there may be positive gains to be made from negative experiences. Life is nuanced and complex. Some days are filled with laughter. Some days we struggle with challenging situations in life… 

The important thing here is the fact that we can change our perspective. How? Is it possible to focus only on the gains we can make? 

Everyone comes into this world on their own path, following their own light. Life is the combination of all the beauty, difficulty, and decisions that we encounter on that path. Even perceiving life as a whole and being able to exist as a part of the whole can be reasons for gratitude. 

Can you try to think of your days as a scale? On one side, place your positive experiences and on the other side, the difficulties and negative experiences you encountered throughout your day. Sometimes, one side weighs heavier, and sometimes the other… It’s usually quite hard to survive the hustle and bustle in daily life. It’s so important to see the effort you put into making it through each day and be able to thank yourself trying. Remember, you can feel gratitude for yourself just as you can feel it for others. You can thank yourself for all the beautiful details you’ve experienced and all the steps you’ve taken in life in life, no matter how big or small. 

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