How Stress Management Training For Employees Can Help Organizations

Stress is one of the most common emotions experienced by employees.
Here, you can find to discover how stress affects employees’ life and strategies for how to manage it.

6 Steps to Effective Decision-Making

Most of us can struggle to make even a simple decision. Here’re 6 steps to effective decision making!

10 Wellness Activities for Employees

Wellness activities for employees promote mental and physical health and increase engagement within the organization.It’s not just about finding fun activities. It’s also about knowing your team as much as possible. Here’re 10 wellness activity suggestions for your employees!

How does procrastination affect my work life?

Many of us procrastinate once in a while at work but when we approach a work-life balance perspective, procrastination might lead to stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mistakes, and errors in tasks. Here are some effective ways to help you deal with it!

10 Wellness Gift Ideas for Employees

Effective employers and leaders care for their employee’s well-being and recognize their contribution to the organization. Wellness gifts are one way to appreciate employees’ efforts while supporting their mental and physical health. Here’re ten wellness gift ideas for employees that will promote a well-being culture in your organization!

Considering Accessibility in the Workplace

After the pandemic, accessibility became an important issue. Here, you can learn some characteristics to make your workplace more accessible for everyone!

Procrastination At Work

Procrastination has become a popular word in work life. Many of us postpone a task once in a while at work. It’s normal, but what if it becomes habitual or constant? Let’s explore it in detail. 

Fight Burnout with Vulnerability

Can you prevent burnouts in the workplace? In a time where many of us have been stretched past our limits, we have to begin asking ourselves what’s valuable, and how to hold up humanity in the workplace. In this article, you can explore some concepts such as vulnerability to avoid burnouts!

Changes in the Wellness Landscape

The wellness landscape has experienced a great shift over the past year. Just as we’ve had to renegotiate our workspaces, schedules, and daily routines. Here, you can learn some strategies for your sleep routines and your relationship with food.