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Perfectionism: Not as Perfect as You’d Think

Lots of us claim to be perfectionists, but do we really know what makes a perfectionist, and even what perfectionism is? Let’s open the perfectionism file and take a deep-dive in.

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Perfectionism: A Character Trait or a Fear?

Is perfectionism one of our worst habits? What are the mental roadblocks of perfection we impose on ourselves?

15 Monday Quotes That Will Inject Wisdom Into Your Mondays

Mondays mark the new beginnings. We’re more willing to commit to positive changes in our live on mondays. So, we have that motivation to treat ourselves caringly. Here’re 15 quotes that will boost your motivation even further and transform the way you approach life throughout the week.

Exploring your inner resources & strengths

Sometimes we may not be good at seeing our own inner resources and strengths. Actually we all have them. Here, you can discover how exploring and knowing your inner resources, and increasing your self-awareness.

Learn to Ask for Feedback and Progress in Your Self-reflection From a Mindfulness Perspective

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. One of the ways to learn what these are and improve self-awareness is to ask for feedback. Here, you can discover new ideas to increase your self-awareness, and benefit from constructive feedback.

Procrastination At Work

Procrastination has become a popular word in work life. Many of us postpone a task once in a while at work. It’s normal, but what if it becomes habitual or constant? Let’s explore it in detail. 

Fight Burnout with Vulnerability

Can you prevent burnouts in the workplace? In a time where many of us have been stretched past our limits, we have to begin asking ourselves what’s valuable, and how to hold up humanity in the workplace. In this article, you can explore some concepts such as vulnerability to avoid burnouts!

The Connection Between Label-less Life and Feeling Good

Labels are the descriptors we give the people in our lives and to the events we experience. By accepting the life you live, you can lessen their sometimes restrictive impact and increase the good feelings within yourself. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the relationship between a label-less life and feeling good!

Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting and Trust

Parenthood is like an open invitation for our child to accompany us on our inner journey. While our children fill us with a love beyond our dreams, they may also reveal unaddressed, latent feelings of anger, impatience, and intolerance. While experiencing these feelings may be uncomfortable, they can also provide potential opportunities for growth and deeper connection to our bodies.