15 Monday Motivation Quotes To Start The Week

Mondays mark the new beginnings. We’re more willing to commit to positive changes in our live on mondays. So, we have that motivation to treat ourselves caringly. Here’re 15 quotes that will boost your motivation even further and transform the way you approach life throughout the week.
Inspirational quotes

Mondays are tough. Can’t argue that. Leaving the comfort of the weekend and finding ourselves in a hustle will never be pleasant. That being said, there is a special meaning that we attribute to this day, and our Monday motivation quotes can make a difference.

Since they generally mark our new beginnings, we may feel more willing to commit to positive changes in our lives. it’s like having extra motivation to treat ourselves caringly. These quotes encourage us to be brave, compassionate, and hopeful. Feel free to download them or write them down.

Put them somewhere you can see during the day, and notice how your Mondays improve significantly. Here we go!

Inspirational quotes to start the week

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inspirational quote Joseph campbell

Simple and yet powerful. Starting a new week, and following our bliss is one of the things that will help us find our way. Because, surely, there will be moments when we feel lost and confused. 

What do you desire in life? What do you want to pursue with great passion? We may forget to stop and ask ourselves such questions in our daily hassle and this is quite understandable. But how would your week change if you were to ask them weekly? Leading a meaningful life is about pursuing your aspirations and values. Make them your greatest companion. 

Inspirational quote George Lucas

Are you one of those people who rashly jump into the cold waters of the new week and knuckle down directly? Or do you take your time to ask yourself what you want to focus on? This motivational quote to start the week is your reminder to set an intention that guides your actions and decisions.

And what do we mean by determining your focus? Your focus can be a huge project but also noticing the joyful moments even when things get difficult. Difficulties exist, that’s true, and they’ll always be there throughout life. But joy and happiness also exist, and will continue to do so throughout our lives as well. So, what are you planning to hold space this week?

inspirational quote Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

How often do you find yourself doubting your own decisions and dreams? Believing in ourselves is somehow a practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. Through cultivating self-understanding and acknowledging our everyday efforts and contributions, we become more willing to trust ourselves. 

Think about those things you consider “impossible.” Then think about those people throughout history who have accomplished the impossible. You can turn every stone that gets in your way into a stepping stone. Let this magical quote encourage you to take bold steps on your authentic path.

Inspirational quote joseph campbell

It can be so scary to get out of your safe space, your comfort zone. You’re so comfortable there to the point that you could stay forever. However, as time goes on and that environment comes to an end, you’ll begin to notice that comfort doesn’t always equal happiness. Learning, improving, and reaching your goals requires taking a step into the outside world, into the unknown first. 

That’s the perfect spirit for Mondays when we are more willing to take on challenges. Remind yourself you’ll find the treasure you seek in the darkest caves, and you’ll have the motivation to conquer your fears.

inspirational quote Frida Kahlo

Throughout our lives, we’ve done things that we once said “never” to and gave up many that we once were glad to have. That’s how life is. Change is one of the greatest truths about life. As everything around us changes, including ourselves, we are constantly recreating ourselves. As you go through all these changes, realize you can handle much more than you think.

Each week is filled with ups and downs. The thing is, we tend to underestimate how resilient we can be. And this quote is a great way to remember that you have a great source of power within you. 

inspirational quote Jana Kingsford

There have certainly been times when you felt you could not find the balance in your life. We are all in search of balance. There will come a moment when everything in our lives will seem on track. Maybe it’s time to change our perspective. Balance is something we can create rather than something we can find. By taking the initiative, making a change… 

Recognize what disrupts the balance in your life throughout the week and take action. This is your kind reminder for Mondays to take ownership of the balance you’ve been looking for. 

inspirational quote Rumi

We can carve out moments of joy just by looking around us. Maybe the sun is shining in all its glory or maybe you can see and enjoy the happiness of others. Sometimes, things may not turn out the way we want them to and the wheel of life keeps on turning. It’s up to us to see the good even in the worst of circumstances. 

Each week, set an intention to embrace life with all of its twists and turns instead of focusing on what’s missing from the picture you’ve created in your mind. See the beauty in all that surrounds you.

inspirational quote Oprah Winfrey

Think of all the things you’ve created over the years, making what were once just opportunities a real part of your life… What do you see? So many things that you possess now were once things that you dared to ask for. You pursued them, shaped them, improved them, and made them what they are today. 

Yes, you can’t have everything you want immediately, but you can’t make an effort to obtain something that you don’t even dare to dream of first. Dream, so that your desire can give you the strength to act.

inspirational quote Epicurus

We can find happiness not in the things we possess, but rather in our experiences and how they make us feel. Sometimes we may focus our full attention on what we want to get, choosing quantity over quality and forgetting all about the joys that small things can bring. 

Take a few moments to picture someone or something you love and hold dear. Maybe it’s seeing someone smile, or hearing laughter, or your favorite hobby. Set an intention to tap into those memories of true joy throughout the week. That’s happiness!

inspirational quote Theodore Roosevelt

Balance is, perhaps, the key to peace in life… We can try to keep the word “balance” close within reach even as we dream big. As we encourage you to dream as much as you want, we also invite you to be humble. 

Don’t forget to attend to your own needs and boundaries while pursuing your aspirations. You’re free to soar as high as you want but keep prioritizing your safety and well-being, as you enjoy this freedom. What do you think? Could this be your reminder of the weeks you would like to feel more grounded? 

inspirational quote doug Hutchison

Getting older isn’t just about the years passing by… Being curious about life, open to its many surprises, is actually a state of youth in its own way. Don’t you find that whenever you truly love life, the day has a different flavor to it? You feel motivated and inspired and your dreams begin to take on new meaning. 

Each week is an opportunity to explore how love connects you to life. Start your week being willing to notice and cherish what excites you in life and makes your feel home. 

inspirational quote Andre Gide

Safe space… A space where many things become static, even as we feel comfortable within it. Staying in the same place and in similar conditions offers a life free of risk and danger. Wanting to protect yourself is only natural. But don’t you think that new beginnings are waiting for you somewhere out there? 

You don’t have to be a courageous explorer at all times of course, but it’s a good idea to get out of your comfort zone from time to time. So, what risks are you willing to take this week? What adventures await you? 

inspirational quote Katherine king

We live in such a fast-paced age that we think we should nonstop be rushing to catch up with life. We devour our breakfast, get dressed quickly, rush to complete our to-do list, and even keep our conversations with our friends short. Maybe we gain an hour thanks to these rushes. Yet how well can we use that one hour we have earned by tiring our mind and body? 

Sometimes slowness is better than speed. Would you try to take slow and calm steps to reach your goals with a clear mind this week? 

inspirational quote Tony Robbins

Sometimes there’s an endless energy within us, as if we could move mountains if we wanted to. And sometimes we may not even be able to muster the strength to lift our arm. Maybe that’s due to a lack of motivation, our fears, or striving for the illusion of perfectionism… 

Although taking the first step can be scary, that first step begins your journey. This week, can you take one step toward a dream that you’ve postponed, no matter the reason?

inspirational quote Maya Angelou

Do you ever worry about what others might think? Maybe that worry creeps up as you’re about to make a decision or pick an outfit in the morning. At times, that anxiety can be so overwhelming that it discourages us and damages our self-confidence. While it’s a very natural reaction, it’s good to remember that as long as you believe in yourself, the judgment of others remains only a collection of opinions. 

This is your kind reminder to nourish your courage from within so that your light may always shine brightly.

Hope you find some motivation and inspiration in these inspirational quotes to start the week. Choose one of them each Monday according to your needs and try to stick to its mindset throughout the week. Don’t forget the share your favourite quotes with your loved ones. Enjoy!

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