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Meditation and Mindfulness for Children

While our minds are more prone to learning when we’re young, it becomes harder to change, learn, and acquire new habits as we grow up. Therefore, it can be easier and longer-lasting to begin learning and listening to ourselves through mindfulness as a child rather than in adulthood.

Discover Diaphragmatic Breathing!

Do you keep hearing the words “diaphragmatic breathing”? In this article, we’ll explain all the details about how this breathing technique works and how you can use it to combat stress, difficulty sleeping, or symptoms of anxiety.

What is Mindfulness Meditation and How Can We Practice It?

Wondering what mindfulness meditation is and how you can practice it? In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of mindfulness meditation, related books, and details about meditation music. Let’s explore mindfulness meditation together!


Step-by-Step Toward Loving My Body

What do you see when you look in the mirror? How do your emotions, physical sensations, and behavior toward your body create your self-perception.

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5 Kid-friendly Mindfulness Activities To Do At Home

Spending time at home with kids or teens can be complicated, especially if they’re bored. Here are 5 easy and kid-friendly mindfulness activities to do at home!

Mindful Shopping

In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of mindful shopping and find tips on how to get started.

What’s in Our Relationship Space?

Romantic relationships interact with everything around you. When you look at your relationship as a space, can you notice these interactions and see what exists in your relationship space? In this article, you can look at its development process, its structure and what it holds within it in detail!


Feeling Secure in Our Relationships

Do you feel secure in your relationship? A relationship that we are happy and confident to be in nourishes our physical, emotional and mental well-being. In this article, you can learn how to feel secure in the relationship and what you can do to keep the relationship healthy!

Mindful Contact with Nature

Spending time in nature can not only provide instant relief from our sorrows but it can also help us find new meaning in life. Discover the benefits of spending time in nature, focusing on mindfulness practices from meditation to creative expression.