How to motivate yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle

Why when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle do we struggle with healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness? What’s stopping us from doing what we know is best for us?


Understanding your Why

Throughout the years the meaning of life has changed for human beings. We have stopped thinking about life in terms of “survival” and started thinking about how we want to live it. But how do we figure out our purpose, our “why”? And why is it important that we do so in the first place?


Meditation for Kids: Swapping Punishment with Mindfulness

Here we’ll consider how meditation and mindfulness may be the next level of discipline we use with children.


How to Have an Open Conversation with Your Partner

We’re encouraged to be completely honest and open with our partners but we all have that one thing we’re afraid to share. So how can we muster the courage to be vulnerable with our partners?


How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

In today’s article, we’re going to peel back the layers that make up Impostor Syndrome and tackle each of them head on!


Expectations and Standards in Relationships

When it comes to being in a relationship, how well do you know the difference between the standards and expectations you have of your partner?


6 Strategies to Survive A Toxic Work Place

A toxic work environment can make you just want to quit, but what if you can’t? Here are 6 strategies to help you to cope with your everyday workspace.


Anxious Parents Make for Anxious Children

The love of a parent for their children is indescribable and yet as parents, we may not always realize the detrimental impact our anxiety and stress can have on our children.


Why does meditation increase my focus?

We know that meditation can increase our focus, but do we know why?