Learn Meditation


The 5 most common obstacles to meditation

Despite all of the well-known benefits of meditation, just as with exercise or healthy eating, it’s hard to adopt as a long-term habit. Here we’ll go through the 5 most common obstacles and how to overcome them.


Can you be addicted to meditation?

Can we talk about meditation as both a positive practice, and a negative obsession, in the same sentence? Meditation is one of the preferred treatments for addiction — but it can be an addiction in itself.


How do I help my child focus in school?

An increasing number of children have been reported to experience challenges in focusing or maintaining concentration. But why is that and is it really a matter of focus or just the byproduct being a kid?


Why knowing about sensory integration can benefit your overall health

Are you ready to discover beyond the 5 senses we learned about in school, along with the path to your health?


Meditation for Kids: Swapping Punishment with Mindfulness

Here we’ll consider how meditation and mindfulness may be the next level of discipline we use with children.


Can You Be Addicted to Your Emotions?

Although it’s not called addiction in literature, sometimes we can’t stop feeling some emotions. Do you want to take a closer look at what you feel?


How can I stop insomnia naturally?

Struggling to overcome insomnia doesn’t mean you have to resort to sleeping pills just yet. Here we’ll offer some suggestions on how to maximize your use of meditation to help you get a better sleep.


The Importance of Senses in Meditation

Having trouble sitting still during your meditation? Here we’ll discuss why physical movement before meditation may enhance your practice and some ideas to get started.


Our Sensory Connection to Compassion & Understanding

Our sensory system is not made up of 5 senses, as is commonly thought, but of 8. What’s more, our bodies and decisions are ruled by our senses. Whatever we like or dislike doing is because of our senses. Because of this, by getting to know your senses better, you can get to know yourself better and rediscover the environment you live in. Thus, you may take another step towards compassion.