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How It Works: Meditation and Stress

If you’ve ever meditated before, odds are you’ve noticed the calming effects of this practice. Maybe mindfulness meditation has helped


Ideal Times of the Day to Meditate

Meditation is a very deep, personal journey. So, there is no “right” time to meditate. There’s only what’s right for you.


What is Mindfulness?

One of the buzzwords we always hear these days is ‘mindfulness’ and carrying out daily habits ‘mindfully’. Though what does mindfulness really mean?

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If You Love Meditation, You’ll Love These Books

Meditation isn’t solely a tool for relaxation. It’s also an important way to broaden your perspective and gain awareness. It

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How meditation changes the brain

Resarch shows editation physically changes the human brain, so much so you can actually see it. Here’s how!


What thoughts that prevent you from meditating?

Actually, it’s very easy to ensure sustainability in meditation because it is as easy as raising awareness during the day


When and for how long should I meditate?

Meditation is a very personal journey that’s different for everyone. So, how should you start yours & how long should you meditate?


When you can’t meditate

Awareness exercises are personal and unique experiences. No one is better than the other and there is no right and wrong.


What is meditation and how do we meditate?

Why do we need mindfulness meditation? What good can meditation do for us?