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14 Facts About the History of Meditation

Discover the roots of meditation, stretching from Ancient India, China, and Burma, to its more recent impact on the Western world. Learn more about the origins of common meditative practices.


What is Meditation and What is not?

What do you think when someone mentions ‘meditation’? Sitting cross-legged in total silence? Get ready to set aside your preconceptions about meditation, because this article is guaranteed to change your perspective!


What’s Holding You Back from Giving Meditation a Shot?

We all lead hectic lives, and we can forget that meditation is a great way to help us slow down. So what’s holding you back from starting to meditate? Learn more about the common obstacles to meditation, the benefits of meditation, and some easy ways to get started!


5 Meditation Stories to Help Children Unload Their Worries

‘How can I support my child? How can I understand what my child is going through?’ If these questions have been on your mind, and if you’ve been looking for ways to help your child with their worries and concerns, then this is the article for you. In it, you’ll find 5 different exercises that have proven successful in helping your child to visualize what is bothering them. And all you need is a comfortable, quiet spot.


Dealing with Loneliness

Despite an ever-increasing number of ways to connect with other people, research is finding that more and more people feel lonely. So how can we cope with our loneliness? In today’s post, we’ll walk through some approaches to help you overcome feelings of loneliness.


Blue Light at Bedtime: How Smartphones Might Be Causing Your Insomnia

Look away from the light! That is, if you want to finally get a good night’s sleep. Learn how blue light can negatively impact your sleeping patterns and practical changes you can make starting today.


Morning Meditation Practice: Meet Yourself Before You Greet the World

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? For most of us, we scroll through our phones or immediately start rushing around. But what if for one week, or even one day, you started off your morning with a meditation? In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of starting your day with mindfulness.


The 5 Most Common Obstacles to Meditation

Despite all of the well-known benefits of meditation, just as with exercise or healthy eating, it’s hard to adopt as a long-term habit. Here we’ll go through the 5 most common obstacles and how to overcome them.


Can You Be Addicted to Meditation?

Can we talk about meditation as both a positive practice, and a negative obsession, in the same sentence? Meditation is one of the preferred treatments for addiction — but it can be an addiction in itself.