Learn Meditation


How can I stop insomnia naturally?

Struggling to overcome insomnia doesn’t mean you have to resort to sleeping pills just yet. Here we’ll offer some suggestions on how to maximize your use of meditation to help you get a better sleep.


The Importance of Senses in Meditation

Having trouble sitting still during your meditation? Here we’ll discuss why physical movement before meditation may enhance your practice and some ideas to get started.


Our Sensory Connection to Compassion & Understanding

Our sensory system is not made up of 5 senses, as is commonly thought, but of 8. What’s more, our bodies and decisions are ruled by our senses. Whatever we like or dislike doing is because of our senses. Because of this, by getting to know your senses better, you can get to know yourself better and rediscover the environment you live in. Thus, you may take another step towards compassion.


Does meditation really mean shutting off your thoughts?

In today’s article, we’ll talk about why meditation shouldn’t stop you from thinking, and what meditation can teach us in terms of how to think.


Why does meditation increase my focus?

We know that meditation can increase our focus, but do we know why?


How Long Does It Take For Meditation to Take Effect?

So, you’ve finished your first meditation. How did you feel afterwards? Most of us experience things like a sense of


What Am I Even Feeling?

We don’t always understand what emotions we’re experiencing. Here’s why mindfulness and note taking help with that.


How It Works: Meditation and Stress

If you’ve ever meditated before, odds are you’ve noticed the calming effects of this practice. Maybe mindfulness meditation has helped


Ideal Times of the Day to Meditate

Meditation is a very deep, personal journey. So, there is no “right” time to meditate. There’s only what’s right for you.