Give the Gift of Mindfulness this Christmas

Christmas can be a great time of year to clear things out and let new energies into your life. Discover gift ideas for your loved ones that center mindfulness for this Christmas season. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that will bring you closer to your loved ones and create space for mindfulness and joy.

As Christmas approaches, we can contemplate the end of the year and look forward to new experiences and insights. This time of year is often one of reflection and connection. Gift-giving, even from a distance, can bring about a sense of connection with those we care about that is deeply rewarding. Christmas can be a great time of year to clear things out and let new energies into our lives. As we think about ushering in new energy in the upcoming year, what are some special Christmas gift ideas that will bring you closer to your loved ones and create space for mindfulness and joy?

Mood Cards

Playful and inspiring, mood cards can be great conveyors of positive feelings or emotions. With uplifting messages and tips to help us go with the flow and live life in the moment, these cards help to ground our mood in the joys of now. These cards can make a lovely gift for someone we care about and can even be that boost we give ourselves. . We can wake up each day and draw one card to help focus ourselves on positive emotions. On those days where we feel stressed, the mood cards can be the catalyst to staying present with ourselves in positivity.

Gratitude Journal 

What if we started each day by writing down what we are grateful for? Too often we wake up and jump right into our to-do list, forgetting to take a moment of pause. Journaling has many positive benefits for the mind and body, as it can allow us to expel negativity and center the things in our lives that bring us joy. Most people will find this idea charming and some even life-changing. 

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7 Chakras Bracelet

If your loved ones are interested in chakras, the 7 chakras bracelet can be the perfect accessory. From smoky quartz for the root chakra to Amethyst for the third eye chakra, and moonstone for the crown chakra, this bracelet will make the difference. Wearers can place it on their wrist or ankle balancing their chakra energy levels and encouraging positivity all day long.

Tibetan Bowl Gift Set

For loved ones beginning a meditation journey or those who are more experienced practitioners, a Tibetan bowl gift set can deepen their connection to self. Tibetan bowls are used in meditation ceremonies to help increase positive energies. Timeless, the sound of the Tibetan bowl has strong healing properties and helps us to reconnect with our deeper selves. In addition to traditional meditation pillows or cushions, the Tibetan bowl makes the meditation experience complete.  

Yoga Mat 

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 For those looking to begin or deepen a practice of yoga, a mat is the perfect gift. Yoga can help them on their journey to self-discovery, self-love, and self-exploration. From yin yoga to mindfulness meditation, the yoga mat is a must-have for everyone into mindfulness, no matter their age. 

Inspiration Rings

Made from silver, bronze, or gold, inspiration rings allow us to don positive messages through an accessory. Affirmations such as, “choose joy,” or, “love yourself,” and other messages of love can truly make a change in our daily life. Offer these powerful inspiration rings to a loved one and watch them transform as they embrace positivity in their life. We can be reminded every day of how beautiful life is, even in chaos, with such a precious gift. 

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Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are believed to contain therapeutic properties and specific powers as far as clearing some energies. For example, amethyst is said to promote mental clarity and improve our psychism. Moonstone brings success in love and helps with guidance in chaotic times. Rose quartz increases self-esteem and self-love. Agate promotes self-awareness and growth through internal balance. Choose healing crystals  to gift someone you love and help them find a powerful inner stance.

Organizer, Planner, and Journal

Being organized and having the capacity to self-reflect are paramount to succeed and manage stress in today’s world. An organizer, planner, or journal will help us guide our actions and make plans that are consistent and aligned with our inner power. Gift someone you love with these mindfulness tools to help them bring more harmony and joy into their lives. 



Overall, the greatest gift we can offer is love. Harvard researchers found that expressing our compassion, gratitude, and kindness has proven health benefits for our mind, body, and soul. When we practice kindness, generosity of spirit, and love, we produce oxytocin, otherwise named the “Love Hormone”. This hormone plays a role in how we feel closeness with others. Overall, the more kindness we express, the happier we are. 

Let’s take this time of the year to bring more joy, kindness, and love through mindful gifts given with intention and thoughtful purpose to others and for ourselves. 

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