Live Mindfully

How to Practice Self-Love Even on Your Busiest Days

Taking some time for yourself on days when you barely even have time to eat a meal sitting down may sound unrealistic to you. Yet what if just for 5 minutes, you prioritized yourself the way you do everyone and everything else?

Anxious Parents Make for Anxious Children

The love of a parent for their children is indescribable and yet as parents, we may not always realize the detrimental impact our anxiety and stress can have on our children.

The Secret to Success: Being Present

We don’t spend a lot of our time being present in the moment. When we are not engaged in intense

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Perfectionism: A Character Trait or a Fear?

Is perfectionism one of our worst habits? What are the mental roadblocks of perfection we impose on ourselves?

4 Questions to Get More Clarity on Your Life Purpose

Considering what our life purpose is. Okay, good to know. So now what? We’d all be lying if we were

3 Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Relationships

The relationships we have with our loved ones determine so many other aspects of our lives. In cultures across the

How to Transform Gratitude from an Instinct into a Practice

Remembering to feel grateful for the things we have is becoming increasingly difficult amidst the fast-paced lives we lead… We

Mindfulness Makes for More Mindful Sex

Mindful sex is an essential way of overcoming problems with intimacy and enjoyment during sex.

We Suck at Comforting People: How Do We Do Better?

What do when we don’t know what to say? Honestly, comforting our loved ones is more about what we do rather than what we say.