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A Daily Mindfulness Practice from “Doing” to “Being”

Are you a ‘human being’ or a ‘human doing’? Often we base who we are on what we’ve done or can do in order to achieve happiness, success, relief, or self-worth. So, how we do change our mindset from “doing” to “being”?

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Three Top Tips To Work Through a Fear of Change

Change is the one consistent variable in our lives, so how can we train ourselves to become more versatile and adaptive to change? In today’s post, we’ll provide three ways to work through our fear of change.

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Maintaining Your Individuality in College

For young adults about to begin their first year of college, here are some thoughts to consider how you can make the most out of your college experience while still maintaining your individuality and authenticity.


How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

In today’s article, we’re going to peel back the layers that make up Impostor Syndrome and tackle each of them head on!


Anger Management for Those Who Think They Don’t Get Angry

Rather than facing our sources of anger head on, most of us are quite content to avoid the task completely. Instead, we suppress, mask, and numb feelings of anger in order to save ourselves and others from our wrath. How do you try to manage your feelings of anger?


Expectations and Standards in Relationships

When it comes to being in a relationship, how well do you know the difference between the standards and expectations you have of your partner?


6 Strategies to Survive a Toxic Work Place

A toxic work environment can make you just want to quit, but what if you can’t? Here are 6 strategies to help you to cope with your everyday workspace.


How to Set Healthy Boundaries for Yourself

It is possible to express your boundaries without compromising yourself and still preserving the peace. In fact, this is how healthy relationships are formed. Here’s how to set healthy boundaries for yourself and then also communicate them.


How to Practice Self-Love Even on Your Busiest Days

Taking some time for yourself on days when you barely even have time to eat a meal sitting down may sound unrealistic to you. Yet what if just for 5 minutes, you prioritized yourself the way you do everyone and everything else?