Projection Makes Perception

Everyone is your teacher on the spiritual path. Taking a huge inner step we realise that all our relationships are mirrors for what we believe separates us from love and that we are constantly being taught on the spiritual path. This insight can revolutionise your path.

What we appear to see outside of ourselves is actually coming from within us. You think you hate someone but you really hate yourself. You think you are angry with someone but you are really angry with yourself. You are convinced someone is causing you pain but in reality, you are doing it to yourself. You think you love someone but really you are just connecting to the love that is already there. You feel uplifted by something but really you are just connecting to the light within more. 

This is a very different way to look at the world.

It takes immense maturity. It takes immense responsibility for “your stuff”. And mostly it takes immense humour to take the world a little more lightly.

Connect with Yourself

With mindfulness, you get more connected to yourself and raise your levels of awareness, so you can dissolve the pain and separation that we all consistently try to project outside of ourselves onto events, situations and mostly other human beings.

And these other human beings are really our greatest teachers because they help us see what we are holding within ourselves. Be gentle with others. Gentleness allows you to see your own projections far more clearly and has the added benefit of teaching you to be gentle with yourself when you realise it is really you doing it.

Peace of mind for your colleagues

The Mirror Effect

What do you see in your parents? What do you see in your partner? What do you see in your work colleagues?

Intimate partners or very close friends often tend to be the best mirrors for our lessons as we grow up. These intense relationships really help shine a light on the inner feelings we truly have about ourselves- all our great attributes, but also all our limitations, pain and self-sabotage mechanisms that act as a barrier to love.

So how do you incorporate the above insights practically into your life?

One of the answers is to meditate each day to raise awareness of your own projections from moment to moment. 

I hope you found the insights of this sharing useful and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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