Everyone is your teacher on the spiritual path

Do you feel you need a teacher on the spiritual path?

For many of us when our spiritual path starts to get more serious we start to seek the help of a teacher to guide us. This can come in many forms including serious one to one work, retreats or connecting with the teacher’s light through books, social media or recorded talks. Spiritual teachers are valuable. They help make our own journey so much easier through their light igniting our own inner light and practical advice on how to best live a spiritual life within the demands of the modern world.

Yet for deeper progress, we need to take a big shift.

I can say from my own personal experience working with many different teachers and working with hundreds of clients that although working with spiritual teachers is valuable and often essential at stages on the path, we also need to recognise that everyone we meet in life is our teacher. Yes everyone is our teacher.

Why is this the case?

Ready to go heart first into some advanced spirituality?

This is because of the fact that projection makes perception.

This means that what we appear to see outside of ourselves is actually coming from within us. You think you hate someone but you really hate yourself. You think you are angry with someone but you are really angry with yourself. You are convinced someone is causing you pain but in reality, you are doing it to yourself. You think you love someone but really you are just connecting to the love that is already there. You feel uplifted by something but really you are just connecting to the light within more. You think your spiritual teacher gives you the truth but really they just help open up your connection to that which already is.

This is a very different way to look at the world.

It takes immense spiritual maturity. It takes immense responsibility for “your stuff”. And mostly it takes immense humour to take the world a little more lightly.

And suddenly the role of the spiritual teacher takes on a new fresh function. They simply help you get more connected to your own inner light and raise your levels of awareness, so you can dissolve the pain and separation that we all consistently try to project outside of ourselves onto events, situations and mostly other human beings.

And these other human beings are really our greatest teachers because they help us see what we are holding within ourselves that blocks our connection to the light. Be gentle with others. Gentleness allows you to see your own projections far more clearly and has the added benefit of teaching you to be gentle with yourself when you realise it is really you doing it.

What do you see in your parents? What do you see in your partner? What do you see in your work colleagues?

People trigger us in such a variety of ways, which is why we often need a wide variety of relationships to progress optimally on the spiritual path. Life is the best spiritual path now!!

Suddenly you realise you had far less control than you thought you did…

You always had to meet certain people so you could learn certain life lessons and see what was really happening within yourself. It makes sense now. As we become more spiritually awake we start to see the lessons more quickly, understand why certain people came into our life at a certain time and mostly give up the illusion of control and direction that was really never there.

Then only love remains.

Often we feel mistreated or unloved by our parents in overt and a variety of subtle ways, yet really the deeper truth was that they were the perfect teachers for us. They conditioned us in a way that was just perfect for us. Then throughout the rest of our life we have to undo this conditioning by learning spiritual lessons to see that actually they were only ever acting from love, yet we just couldn’t see it. 

Intimate partners or very close friends often tend to be the best mirrors for our lessons as we grow up. These intense relationships really help shine a light on the inner feelings we truly have about ourselves- all our great attributes, but also all our limitations, pain and self-sabotage mechanisms that act as a barrier to love.

So how do you incorporate the above insights practically into your life?

There are three simple things you must do. Firstly meditate each day to raise awareness of your own projections from moment to moment. Secondly if needed at this point on your journey get the help of a spiritual teacher who can help your connect more deeply to your own inner light, trusting your intuition on what feels best for you. Lastly deeply understand that life is the real spiritual teacher itself. Everyone you meet is your teacher, as all are a unique and perfectly universe given the opportunity for you to get much closer to the love that is always there. There are no accidents in life!!

I hope you found the insights of this sharing useful and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

With Love,


Jay-Jay Masters

Spiritual Teacher


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