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Is Meditation Just a Trend?

Meditation is a practice that goes back to the 5th century. So why do we still think of it as a new trend?

How Meditation Is Changing the Mental Health Taboo

Because meditation deals directly with our mental well-being, having more people practice it enables us to break the tabu of mental health.

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What Is Gratitude & Why Do I Need It?

Gratitude has been a buzzword over the last years, yet what does it actually mean, and why do we really need it?

Why Self-Love Starts with Self-Compassion

Wondering how to make decisions or behave with understanding, serenity, patience, and acceptance? Discover why self-compassion is a great tool for resilience and self-love.

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Why Do We Need Friends?

Sometimes we feel we can’t connect with the people around us. How can we overcome this? How can we form friendships that will last us a lifetime?

The Longing for Connection

Why are we facing an epidemic of lonliness? Is it really loneliness we suffer from? Or are we just unable to understand and embrace solitude?

It’s Not Your Fault: Why You’re in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

If you’re in an abusive relationship, there’s one thing you absolutely need to understand: It’s not your fault. Here’s why.

Is Happiness Always Around the Corner?

When we look for happiness in fantasies, we miss out life. So how can we experience the happiness we have in the moment?