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employee appreciation gifts

26 Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas in 2024 for your Team

Explore effective employee appreciation gift ideas for 2024 according to your budget. You will discover creative, clever, fun, low-budget, and remote gift ideas for your team.


Understanding the UK law to support Employee Mental at Workplace

Explore key insights tailored for HR professionals and people managers. From understanding duty of care to navigating the mental health at work act, empower yourself with essential knowledge to foster a supportive workplace environment.


What’s HR’s Role in Workplace Mental Health Awareness

As HR professionals, we have some responsibilities regarding the mental health of our company’s employees. But… Where’s the limit? What can we do and what should we avoid for both, our mental health and the employees’? Read to discover the real role of HR in mental health.


Should Employers Offer Mental Health Days to Employees?

Are you curious about the benefits of mental health days for work? Take a look at our blog and discover the pros and cons of these policies, examples of companies that already implement them, and more!


8 Examples of Mental Health Discrimination at Workplace

Could your organization be discriminating employees for mental health reasons? Read to discover real-life examples of this situation, key concepts to understand it, and tips to manage it.


How to Support Employees with Mental Health Issues

Read and discover tips to support your team’s mental health as a manager or HR professional. Here you will find why supporting your talent’s mental health is important, signs to identify people with mental health challenges, and more.


12 Mental Health Games And Activities In The Workplace

Humans often learn and express themselves through games, how about using them to support your talent’s mental health at work? Read to discover low-budget activities, for remote environments, and more.

Image of a woman holding an iPad, symbolizing a meeting to offer wellness benefits to employees in a company

70 Employee Benefits To Offer In Small Businesses

Discover how to understand your talent’s needs to provide the best employee benefits a small business like yours can offer. It will help you build a stronger work culture, and improve your organizations stats.

body positivity

Body Positivity Meaning: Enhance Your Mental Well-being

Understand what is body positivity, discover body positivity affirmations, and more to start your journey toward a healthier self-image.