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What is Self-compassion and Why Do We Need It?

Do you notice how you talk to yourself during the day? What are your judgments, assumptions and expectations of yourself telling you? When something goes wrong, we often judge ourselves harshly and make critical comments to ourselves. Check out this article to understand the root of this harsh attitude and discover the healing power of self-compassion in “making peace with yourself”.


Expressing our Emotions During Meditation

Is it normal to experience sudden sensations during meditation? Can you experience physical reactions to your feelings? What should you do when these feelings arise? In this article, you will explore how emotions relate to thoughts and how this relationship takes shape as we get to know our minds better.


Your Emotions during the Transition from Summer to Autumn

Adapting to change is difficult for many of us. You may find the transition from summer to autumn particularly hard. Meanwhile, the whole world is trying to adapt to a disorienting ‘new normal’. So it’s completely natural to find this period challenging. In this article, you’ll find tips to help treat yourself with compassion by taking a closer look at your feelings.


You Don’t Have to Feel Good All of the Time

Stress, anxiety and sadness are natural parts of our lives–as much as happiness, peace or joy. You can make peace with yourself by approaching all your emotions with mindfulness. In today’s special article to mark Mental Health Day, you’ll find helpful tips to make it easier to show yourself compassion during difficult times.

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7 Steps to Meditating Anywhere

One of the best things about meditation is that you can practice it anywhere, anytime, whenever you need or want to. In this article, you will find 7 steps to help you start meditating anywhere!


The Psychological Experience of the Pandemic

You may have experienced both mental and physical changes during the pandemic. It’s normal to feel fear or anxiety as well as the physiological effects of stress during difficult times. In this article, you’ll find scientific evidence about how we adapt to abnormal situations, and learn how to cope better with difficult emotions such as anxiety and stress.


Are You Ready for the New Academic Year?

In this article, you can take a closer look at all the emotions you have been experiencing and find some great tips to make the process more fun.


5 Areas of Your Life That You Can Improve with Mindfulness

Are you interested in integrating mindfulness into your life? Discover 5 areas of your life that you can improve using easy mindfulness techniques.


14 Facts About the History of Meditation

Discover the roots of meditation, stretching from Ancient India, China, and Burma, to its more recent impact on the Western world. Learn more about the origins of common meditative practices.