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Managing Anger with Understanding: What Need Does Your Anger Express?

What makes you angry? Do other emotions crop up for you alongside feelings of anger? Here are some strategies you can use to both understand and manage them!

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2020 as the Watershed Moment for Mindfulness

One of the major changes that the Covid-19 pandemic brought was working from home. How has practicing Mindfulness played a role in this new way of working ? Find out in this article.

Five Successful Leaders Who Swear By Meditation

When they say that there are many benefits to practicing meditation, it’s not just make-believe! In this article, discover five famous business leaders who have made meditation an integral part of their success.

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Benefits of Mindfulness in Work Life

Sometimes we may feel so overwhelmed by our jobs that we can’t imagine doing this again and again each day. Or sometimes we’re dealing with intense work or really stressful periods. In those times, we can manage our stress by staying in the present moment and observing our emotions. In this article, you’ll find the benefits of mindfulness in managing your stress and its effects on your business life.

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What Is Social Anxiety And How Do We Manage It?

Do you experience excessive worrying in social settings? Maybe you find yourself running through all of the potential negative scenarios in your mind, feeling tense? A common misconception is that you’re shy when in reality you may have social anxiety. In this article, you can learn about the dynamics of social anxiety and find out what you can do to navigate it.

Improving Our Relationship With Stress

Has stress become a part of your daily life? We can get stressed out about many things during the day such as busy schedules, traffic, future anxiety, family, friends, and romantic relationships, etc. Here, you can find what you can do to make stress work for you and improve your relationship with stress. You can discover how stress affects your life and strategies for how to manage it.

How It Works: Meditation and Stress

Stress affects many things in our body, from our hormones to our immune system. When we pause and take time to meditate, we make an active decision to move from an overstimulated and overloaded mind to a more calm and quiet state. In this process, the brain relaxes and helps the body to relax. Our heart rate goes down, our breathing slows and becomes deeper.