Does Your Net Worth Influence Your Self-Worth?

How much of your sense of self-worth comes from your net worth? In this article, we’ll ask some questions that force you to consider what value you provide to yourself and others that has nothing to do with money.


How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

In today’s article, we’re going to peel back the layers that make up Impostor Syndrome and tackle each of them head on!


Anger Management for Those Who Think They Don’t Get Angry

Rather than facing our sources of anger head on, most of us are quite content to avoid the task completely. Instead, we suppress, mask, and numb feelings of anger in order to save ourselves and others from our wrath. How do you try to manage your feelings of anger?


How to Support Your Partner Through Panic Attacks

For over a year my partner watched as I became more withdrawn and continued to suffer from panic attacks. Here’s what I wish we had both known…


Our Sensory Connection to Compassion & Understanding

Our sensory system is not made up of 5 senses, as is commonly thought, but of 8. What’s more, our bodies and decisions are ruled by our senses. Whatever we like or dislike doing is because of our senses. Because of this, by getting to know your senses better, you can get to know yourself better and rediscover the environment you live in. Thus, you may take another step towards compassion.


Does Meditation Really Mean Shutting Off Your Toughts?

Meditation doesn’t mean stopping thinking. Let’s dive into the meditation vs thinking dilemma and learn what meditation can teach us about the actions of your mind.

father with his children

The Making of an Emotionally Available Father

On behalf of our brothers, sons, and fathers, we need to acknowledge and work through the culture of shame that stunts mens’ ability to be more emotionally involved and vulnerable within their family structure.


The Happiness Formula

Do you really want to be happy? That seems like a silly question, but in today’s post I’ll walk us through the ways in which we as humans actually prevent ourselves from experiencing more joy and satisfaction in our day to day lives.


Expectations and Standards in Relationships

When it comes to being in a relationship, how well do you know the difference between the standards and expectations you have of your partner?